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"everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it"

i finish my exams tomorrow! yayyy! that means it’s summer and i get to tumblr again! i’m gonna be making some changes over the summer! :) 

missed tumblr xxx

hi guys! my exams are starting tomorrow and they span over the time of 2 months so unfortunately i don’t think i will be posting much. :( 

but when i’m taking a break or whatever i’ll try post! or i’ll just be here…scrolling. ahahhaha. 

gonna miss you. wish me luck! xxx

hello everyone! apologies for not being as active on tumblr as i was before but school work has really been piling up. i will try to post as frequently as possible but i may not be doing as many promos and it may take a while for me to respond to your messages. hope you'll understand. ♡